Our Story


St Tropez Bistro has been an integral piece of the Downtown Saskatoon dining scene since 1979. Originally located on 3rd Avenue South .. in 1998 the restaurant moved to a historic building on 2nd Avenue South formally known as the Hanson Building & home to the first Saskatoon branch of The Bank Of Nova Scotia .. with over 100 years of character & charm, it has been the perfect home for The Bistro.

With a focus on always using fresh ingredients .. sourcing locally whenever possible .. since 1999 second generation Owner & Chef, Jason has been growing a garden here on the rooftop .. what was once a few pots of herbs .. has grown to include a greenhouse where all of the seedlings are started & large containers of Heirloom Tomatoes, Squash, Herbs, Peppers, Beans & Edible Flowers

In 2015 the garden expanded further with the purchase of some land southwest of the city along the South Saskatchewan River. It is there that Cher & Jay spend days off gardening, foraging & taking in a prairie sunset or two. In 2019 .. with a love for crafty cocktails & unique whiskies .. Parlor came to be. Our ethos has always been inspired by life on the prairies & influenced by what grows in our gardens

Executive Chef & Horticulturist || Jason Strohan
Bar Program Director & Sommelier || Cher Diller