About Us

The St Tropez Bistro has been a family owned and operated restaurant in Saskatoon since 1979. The Bistro started as a small restaurant serving lunch and dinner on Third Avenue S. During that time the menu reflected the name’s French origins and consisted of fresh pasta, quiche, and crepes. As times have changed, so has The Bistro.

In 1998 the family purchased a landmark building at 238 Second Avenue S. This historic building was originally constructed in 1906 for the Bank Of Nova Scotia, and with over 100 years of character and charm, has been a great home for The Bistro. With the change of location, the menu has changed as well…reflecting the owner’s love of travel, The Bistro adopted a more “global cuisine” style.

As our focus has always been cooking from scratch, and using the freshest ingredients available, in 1999 The Bistro started a little rooftop herb garden.

Over time the garden has grown to include a variety of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and beans. In 2015 we expanded the garden even further, with the purchase of some land, south-west of the city along the South Saskatchewan River.

Our menu is inspired by the places we have traveled, and by what we grow in our gardens.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your getaway at The St Tropez.